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a thousand cheap hookers
it feels like a million days
as my patience frays
a thousand cheap hookers
for a thousand stays
and whatever come may
push you further away
a thousand onlookers
for a thousand slain
the soldier head sway
in a violent haze
prepare for war
and bloodstained blades
the skies stained gray
and your muscles ache
begging for more
while your battle song plays
:icondahnza:Dahnza 2 2
Porphyria's Killer
I hastened through the storm, late
Whispering prose of my despair
My lover waits from sleep to wake
His eyes behind is eyelids; stare
Wishing I was with him there
So through the hail I did so quest
Whispering praise of my lover
To honour that which I confess,
Truth of which he did uncover:
My love of him and none other
Finally, endless steps led me there
Through the cold, rainy night
Right into my lovers lair
There he lay; a peaceful sight
Hard to see, though, for the light
But I could make out his form and,
As he drift through dreams at rest,
Lit the shack alight and warm
And as fire licked the mantle crest
I watched his slowly rising chest
Removing my dripping shawl and cloak,
I focused again; refusing to stall,
Lay them wet, by fire and smoke
At last, to my lover did I fall
Time seemed to creep by - a crawl
My lover sweating from nightmare
I continued whispers prose and praise
And spread out all my golden hair
And lay my kiss upon his face
And wrap his arm around my waist
And tell h
:icondahnza:Dahnza 1 10
Into My Soul
Dig your fingers into my soul
Twist your lips into a smile
Look deeply into my eyes
And chill me to the bone
Your breath on me is cold
It's a breath that you stole
My knees begin to fail
Digging your nails, into my soul
I forgot how to be whole
I forgot all I know
I remembered what is old
I remembered what is gone
Ribbons of pain in my throat
Shredded by the smoke
Shredded by the thought
Of your claws around my soul
Only as time went on
Did you loosen my soul
Your eyes began to fall
Gazing to nothing at all
:icondahnza:Dahnza 2 7
Mature content
Street Dreams, Princess :icondahnza:Dahnza 2 15
'The Worst Thing Ever' by Dahnza 'The Worst Thing Ever' :icondahnza:Dahnza 2 15 ID again by Dahnza ID again :icondahnza:Dahnza 1 2
This Is Love, Girl
I can not describe
The feeling I get,
When I see your face
I just can't forget,
But sometimes I see
In your blue eyes,
Help is all you need
And love you despise,
So just come to me
I'll be here,
And if you cry
I'll wipe your tears,
So whenever all of your
Perception fades,
Lift your head, girl
I'll show you the way,
And if your
Feelings ever change,
Take my hand girl
I'll show you the way,
I have tried
To not be insane,
But in my head
I've only just failed,
I have tried
To ease the bane,
And free myself
From these tethering chains,
But as we know
What love is, girl,
It's hard to change
When someone's your world,
So whenever all of your
Perceptions fade,
Lift your head, girl
I'll show you the way,
And if your
Feelings ever change,
Take my hand, girl
And I'll make your day.
:icondahnza:Dahnza 5 0
Never shall we be able to escape;
Away from greed's own inspiration, biased prodigies of manipulation,
Never shall we be set free;
Away from our own motivation, the papered disease of the nation,
Never shall we prevail;
Unto no amount of contemplation, will it rid us of this defecation
Never shall we succeed;
Unto no amount of perseveration, laboured souls and broken salvation,
Never shall this vanish;
And release us from incarceration, starved prisoners and manifestations,
Never, though, shall we perish;
From conceited attempts of assassination, belittling condolences and generalisation
Never, though, shall we reach;
Unrealistic dreams of personalisation, minds incorrect blissful interpretation
Forever though, shall we chase;
Fame and fortune and eternalisation, pointless goals formed through retardation
Forever though, shall we chase;
One's perfect example of memorisation, joyful ventures of exasperation
:icondahnza:Dahnza 3 0
Truth and Emotion
I feel like the world will crush me down
My shoulders struggle to bear this weight
I feel selfish that my thoughts continue to drown
Me in my sorrows and leave me in this state
I feel like the emotions that I experience now
Is a lesson taught for my future decisions?
But does this class have to kick me so hard I cower
And try so badly dodge all of these collisions?
I feel like the stress of the path I walk
Is consuming my mind and sending me insane
It's so unclear as to where my path will fork
And this cloudy road is becoming my bane
I feel like the tide is pulling me out to sea
I can't summon enough strength to swim back to shore
As I struggle against this invisible enemy
I suppose time is on my side but all the more
I feel like the mountain I climb has no peak
No beautiful view for me to indulge myself
There's no climatic finish for me to reach
Just this feeling I'm getting lost in the folds
A little change of pace is necessary I think
But I can't commit myself to entering the brink
:icondahnza:Dahnza 5 4
Queenscliff Sunset... again ha by Dahnza Queenscliff Sunset... again ha :icondahnza:Dahnza 5 3 Night From My Window by Dahnza Night From My Window :icondahnza:Dahnza 6 1
A Little Somthing, Somehow.
Contrary to almost all popular belief
Everything is almost always what it seems
The thing that gets people really confused
Is the that they don't look at it from different views
They miss the finer, smaller details of life
And pass it off as more Confucius trife
"Nothing is ever as it seems"
Is what the ancient philosopher deemed
For one so spiritually connected
This isn't something he could have projected
I think this world needs to slow right down
Maybe take a look at the other side of town
Out of the comfort zone and into the deep end
Instead of out of the week straight into the weekend
If people could see things the way I see
If people could feel things the same as me,
If people could take some time to relax
Then maybe the world can get back on track,,
I challenge you all the next time it rains
To go outside and wash away your pains
Cry, don't be afraid to let it all out
The rain on you can break the drought,
You'll feel better, trust me on this,
While it's raining on you it's eter
:icondahnza:Dahnza 3 0
Pinky by Dahnza Pinky :icondahnza:Dahnza 2 0
Char-Chan's Tribute
I awaken blissfully to the solar night,
Rising to the moonlight satisfied.
My rapture leaves me undignified,
So I brush off the sentient amplified.
I stride to the water so glorified,
Entering its glittering touch vitalized.
As the water around me swirls to life,
The sky above me begins to cry.
I peer up towards the solar lights,
Now turned to a sponge of black and white.
While others would have been demoralized,
I close my eyes with afflatus delight.
Once again my world begins to shine,
And Apollo smiles with his benevolent might.
I pray to the gods I immortalize,
As I look up to the glorious, somniferous skies.
As the lake glows teal, the rain subsides.
I perform the ritual where my loved one lies.
I whisper the solemn words I despise,
Though memories of darkness seldom arise.
I finish the blessing now pacified,
My muscles relax and my grip less tight.
I look up towards the clear solar skies,
And release my mind into the night.
:icondahnza:Dahnza 1 9
Sickness by Dahnza Sickness :icondahnza:Dahnza 3 12
Jacki the Lycan
Jacki was never the same as the other girls
Glamour and popularity was never her world
She loved animals and was a great artist
And she hated anyone who was an outright narcissist
She had red hair and of it she was damn proud
She’d like the quiet and she would slap the loud
One day as she was walking home from school
She hit the ground hard and felt her mind pulled
She could see the stars twist in front of her eyes
And then she looked up to see colours in the sky
She looked down as her head fell to the ground
And saw the land that she stood on was nowhere to be found
She began to fall and her head was in a spin
All the while wondering, “How the hell did this begin?”
Her breath was wobbly and all her limbs were weak
And only a croak emerged as she tried to speak
Her eyelids were heavy and all soon went to dark
And suddenly around her neck she felt something sharp
She awoke with a jolt and sat upright
It was morning now you could just see the light
She looked at herself ju
:icondahnza:Dahnza 3 20

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what's up my deviant art brothers

so has it actually been 2 years since I last updated? whatdafaq

so...... I'm not at university. i've moved to melbourne, living in an apartment with three others who were already here. they're lovely people and we're getting along well c:

i'm now working at crown casino as a blackjack dealer and i fucking love it. it's the most amazing thing i've done in the last few years. apart from your sister

life is slow. it's weird. not sure if i feel like i'm accomplishing anything. i mean, im getting somewhere with my life, but who knows. words words words. love life is shaky. nothing solid yet. tired of making all the effort blah blah blah words.

city life is amazing. i live right in the cbd. freaking incredible. the other night i went out for dinner with mates, had a few beers, then walked 5 minutes, met up with some other friends, had more beers, another 10 minute walk, more friends, and then a 5 minute walk home to bed. top floor, roof views, deck chairs, scotch and a cigar. big city life C:

might finish off some writing i've been putting off as well.

until next time ^_^
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